Mode Shift Behavior of Bus Passengers to Rail System under Improved Rail Operations

Germaine Ann C. Dilay, Alexis M. Fillone


The PNR Line going to the Bicol Region is currently being repaired for the eventual resumption of its service. Using a stated preference (SP) survey, this research aims to describe how passengers will decide to patronize the PNR service upon its service resumption and estimate the modal shift probabilities from bus to rail service. Also, the significant factors affecting mode choice of bus passengers are determined in the survey. In the SP survey, the main factors considered are travel time, travel cost, and access time. A number of 900 bus passenger respondents originating from Manila and arriving in Naga City were interviewed for the SP survey. Results show that majority of the current air-conditioned bus passengers would shift to rail service when service performance of the latter is improved. However, non air-conditioned bus passengers are more likely to choose their current mode considering the several combinations of improved rail service factors analyzed.


Provincial bus service, Rail service, Mode Shift, Stated preference survey