Development of Composing Skills in Filipino Among Second Graders Through Directed Reading Lessons

Jo Anne S. Reyes, Felicitas E. Pado


The study investigated the development of composing skills in Filipino among second gradersthrough Directed Reading Lessons (DRLs). The guiding questions were: (1) Do the DirectedReading Lessons (DRLs) improve the composing skills in Filipino among Grade 2 children?(2) In what ways did the children’s composing skills improve?Ten children were conveniently selected and given twelve DRLs with three prior scaffoldlessons. Writing samples were collected and analyzed using the writing rubrics of Fiderer(1998) and Rog (2007). The study revealed that DRLs can have a positive effect on children’scomposing skills. Good writing is the result of explicit, structured teaching of craft andconvention, implicitly learned book language, and writing style as children write in responseto stories they read or listen to in the context of repeated opportunities for practice.


composing skills, Directed Reading Lesson

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