Pag-akda at Pagkabata: Ang Namamayaning Tunguhin at Estetika sa Panitikang Pambata ng Pilipinas

Eugene Y. Evasco


This is a preliminary study of the aesthetics of Philippine children’s literature. It also discusses the challenges of children’s literature in the country as a legacy of our colonial history. Using socio-historical criticism as framework, this study also explores the problems and challenges of a mainstream, capitalist, and colonial production of children’s literature. This paper also discusses the representation of childhood and the corresponding role of children’s texts and texts for children. In the end, the paper presents concrete recommendations regarding aesthetics of children’s literature according to the needs of the nation and the readers.


childhood, children’s literature, aesthetics , children’s poetry, picture books, literary conventions, literary criticism

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ISSN: 2012-0788