Right-Wing Vigilantes, Human Rights Violations and LIC Strategy under the Aquino Government

Arnel De Guzman


The advent of the Aquino regime is supposed to have changed the appalling situation left behind by the dictator. There was so much hope and expectation after the kleptomaniac dictatorial tandem and even loyal sycophants were kicked out. But now that the euphoria is dying down, what has the Aquino government accomplished in its triad of problems, which has become the hallmark of Third World existence? In terms of human rights, which the then candidate Cory Aquino promised to uphold and respect if elected to the highest office of the land, the losses far outpoint the gains. Some 908 persons were arrested and detained. Then, there is the existence of right wing vigilante groups that have proliferated and were coddled by the regime. These fanatical groups and armed bandit gangs are anathema to peace. Lastly, the United States has intensified implementation of low intensity conflict (LIC) strategy. LIC is defined as total war in the grassroots level, where the battle is not only limited in the military front, but also in the diplomatic, social, psychological, economic, and political spheres.

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