The Emergence of Geoeconomics and Its Impact on Regional Security

Domingo L. Siazon


Economic affairs and trends are at the center of issues regarding regional security in East Asia. Due to its interplay with politics, as well as other aspects of society, the economy plays an important role in facilitating development and stability within the region. The influence of geoeconomics on regional security in East Asia has become more apparent since the Cold War, a period during which the region has experienced economic development, the introduction of ASEAN, and globalization has become a more significant force around the world. As a result, countries in East Asia have had to become more competitive to compete in the global market, while still cooperating and collaborating with neighboring nations to facilitate development in the region. With a particular focus on the Philippines, this article examines the future of geoeconomics and security in East Asia. In light of the limitation of cooperation regarding issues of politics and security in East Asia, the article argues that the region must build on existing economic relations to encourage greater interaction and collaboration on matters of regional security.

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