Imperialism, Militarization, and Human Rights in Asia

Randolf S. David


Imperialist domination of underdeveloped countries encourages and supports the rise of authoritarian and militaristic regimes in these countries, resulting in the flagrant violation of human rights of the people. Such human rights violations breed popular resistance to these regimes which respond with even more repressive and militaristic acts. As a result, their need for more military assistance reinforces their dependence on the imperialist powers. And so goes this vicious cycle of dependence, militarization, and repression, at every turn producing greater prospects for revolution. Therefore, in order to repair Third World societies, placing them on the democratic track, it must be understood that dictators are a significant aspect of global imperialism and the fall of one present dictator may still result in the replacement of an equal figure, so necessary precautions must be made to end this destructive sequence.


overseas workers; exploitation; migrant labor; foreign employment; remittances

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