Muslim Perspective of the Mindanao Problem: Contextualizing the SPCPD

Abraham P. Sakili


The Mindanao problem is a complex problem that requires extraordinary solutions. Underlying its complexity is the fact that the Muslims in the Philippines constitute a nationality distinct and older than the Filipino nationality. American colonization forced the two nationalities to unite and interact in “unleveled playing field” of a new political system that is governed through a unitary and highly centralized government. Reduced to a deplorable state by an unsuitable government structure by unjust policies, the Muslims now seek justice through genuine autonomy. With the signing of the Peace Agreement between the government and the MNLF, and the creation of the Southern Philippine Council for Peace and Development, the initial steps towards institutionalizing a systemic solution to the “Moro problem” have been taken. To carry the tide in favor of a just peace and a meaningful development in the Southern Philippines through genuine autonomy, Muslims and Christians must leave behind the hatred and the deep wounds of a centuries-old conflict and reconcile.


SPCPD, Muslim Filipino, Moro Problem, Peace

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