Paglilinaw sa Paninindigan ng Partido tungkol sa Usaping Pangkapayapaan, NDF, at Diumanong Verdaderos

Komiteng Tagapagpaganap ng Komite Sentra Komiteng Tagapagpaganap ng Komite Sentral


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) expresses its utmost confidence in the National Democratic Front (NDF) negotiating panel under the leadership of Luis Jalandoni. This panel is the only body that is recognized by the CPP to represent the NDF in the exploratory talks with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. It is a grave breach of trust on the part of the Philippine government, represented by the National Unification Commission, to attempt to recognize the small group of anti-communist traitors, the so-called verdaderos, as legitimate representatives of the NDF. These counterrevolutionaries have threatened to sow anti-Party hysteria in a vain effort to remove the CPP as the leader of the revolutionary forces. The attempt to legitimize such negotiations only proves that the Ramos regime is interested only in furthering and taking advantage of the anti-communist campaign of the traitors and at the same time using the peace process as a tool to divide the revolutionary movement.

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