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Different Types Of Umbrellas

"Marcel Thacker" (2019-03-09)

An umbrella may seem like a somewhat insignificant accessory. Until you are caught in a cold, slushy downpour, that is. Then you realize just what a valuable thing an umbrella is, after all. There are several different styles of umbrellas that you can choose from in order to best suit your lifestyle.

Compact Umbrellas:

Compact umbrellas, for example, are an excellent choice for you if you always need to have an umbrella on hand. They collapse into a very small, discreet size and traditionally come with a nylon carrying case as well. Compact umbrellas are small enough to fit inside a briefcase or backpack, or perhaps even in a large coat pocket. Some "ultra compact" designs are only about 6 inches when folded up. This style is also ideal for travel because it may very easily be packed in a suitcase. If you beloved this article and you would like to receive extra facts regarding Ultrashade umbrella kindly go to the webpage. An umbrella is often something that travelers forget to pack, although it is something that absolutely comes in handy during winter travel to warm climates. The Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica, for example, experience their rainy season from December through April. So while many escape here for Christmas and spring break vacations, they should not overlook the need for an umbrella.

UPF Umbrellas:
If you are more concerned about sun than rain, then an umbrella with a UV protection factor is what you need. While all umbrellas can shade you from the sun, not all of them can actually block out the harmful rays that cause skin damage. Any UPF is helpful; if you want the best look for one with a UPF of 50. Don't forget that even when it is cold outside, the sun can reflect right off of the snow and onto your face. For added convenience, look for an automatic umbrella, which can be opened simply by pushing a button on the handle.

Doorman and Stick Umbrellas:

While compact and folding umbrellas have much to offer in terms of convenience, they don't offer much as far as fashion and style are concerned. And umbrellas are an accessory that most certainly can be stylish. My recommendation for the most fashionable types of umbrellas are classic doorman and stick umbrellas. Doorman umbrellas have a larger canopy than traditional umbrellas, which makes them perfect for accommodating a second person. They also offer subtle details that are sophisticated in appearance, such as stitched ribbing in the canopy. Similarly, stick umbrellas may be found in a variety of colors and evoke a professional and sophisticated feel when paired with a trench coat. Stick and doorman umbrellas make excellent presents for menof all ages. For a timeless style, look for a black or gray stick umbrella with a carved wood handle. This style has been popular for generations.

Wind Resistant Umbrellas:

Now, if you've ever had an umbrella turn inside-out on you during a good gust of wind, you know exactly how irritating this can be. What you need is a wind resistant umbrella, which will stand up to blustery weather. This type has a special vent within the fabric that allows wind to pass through, rather than pushing the fabric inside-out. Don't worry, it will still offer complete coverage against wind and rain.