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by cinema box apk (2017-08-11)

Do you want to watch movies online? The good news is that you can watch free movies without having to pay a dime. Cinema Box Apk is one of the immense applications for watching any of your favorite movies and shows for cost free. Despite copyright issues, you can still hack away to watch free movies online without having to download them from unlawful movie torrent websites.

But if you don’t know the best websites to watch online movies, your experience would be ruined. You will spend countless hours to find a decent quality website with minimal interruptions. I’m sure a lot of you would give up on the idea of watching a free movie online.

The secret is to watch movies online free. Below, you will find websites where you can watch online movies. I have reviewed each of them, using a proper reviewing methodology. You can explore my methodology below before you read the reviews of these websites.

Cinema Box Apk can also be installed on other tech gadgets like Windows Computers, iOS (iPhone/iPad) with the help of these guides Cinema Box for PC and Cinema Box for iOS

Database Size – Library

This website has only modern classics and cult favorite movies. There is a lack of variety in the library. However, it does offer a huge variety of cult favorites online movies free.

Website Update Frequency

The website updates content regularly. You will not run out of options to watch free movies whenever you come back to the website.

User Interface

User-interface is where this website beats others when you want to watch movies online free. You keep scrolling and you’ll continue seeing lists of movies auto-generated. Like, you would see ‘Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes’ and ‘Fan Favorite’ and so on. The movie lists are also sorted according to user age groups and interests. You can pick movies suitable for kids, family, and so on.

There is even a feature to browse movies. You can bring up the huge Browse menu from the top menu. In this menu, you will find all the content on the website listed under online movie genres. Pick a genre of your choice and start watching. It’s that simple with Tubi TV.

Content Variety

Tubi TV provides some content variety but it can’t compete with other online movie services such as FMovies, YesMovies, PrimeWire, nd GoMovies that upload content from a wider variety of genres and eras. On Tubi TV, you can watch some comedy shows and sports videos in addition to the cult classic, but they seem to be there only to fill gaps. They are rarely updated.

However, when looking for cult movies online free, Tubi TV is the best place to visit the Cinema Box for PC

Streaming Quality

You can stream movies in 714p. You can change the kbps value between 342kbps and 2687kbps. The website uses the famous JW Player so you won’t feel any problems with streaming. Movies stream without lag even on slower internet connections.


You’ll need to DISABLE any ad-blocker app installed in your browser to watch free movies online on this website.

We tested it with Adblock and there is no way to bypass the requirement. The only way to watch free movies on this website is to see the ads that come with it.

Memory (RAM) usage and Performance rating

When you run Tubi TV in your browser, you don’t face much of a memory problem. Your laptop will remain stable and your browser won’t run out of available memory.

I actually tested this.

  • When you play a movie online on Tubi TV using Chrome, it uses nearly 90 MB of memory.
  • Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer) uses around 100 MB of RAM when running a movie on Tubi TV.
  • This is not a huge memory reservation considering you are watching a video on your PC.

Running this website in any internet browser on a laptop didn’t cause any significant change in CPU usage. The 2%-5% change is usually what you always get when playing a video in a web browser.


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