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GATT: Defining the Discourse

Table of Contents

From the Third World Studies Desk

Rejoining the World PDF
Alexander R. Magno


The Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture: Will it Immiserize the Filipino Farmer? PDF
Ramon L. Clarete
GATT Issues, Gut Issues PDF
Corinne A. Canlas
Why the GATT is a Burden Filipino Farmers Refuse to Bear PDF
Philippine Peasant Institute
A Labor View on the Social Clause PDF
Cedric R. Bagtas
The GATT and Its Implications on the Philippine Economy PDF
Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Are We Ready for GATT PDF
Wigberto E. TaƱada
World Trade Under GATT and the Filipino Peasantry PDF
Leonardo Q. Montemayor


GATT Realities and Trade Alliances: Implications and Prospects for the Philippines PDF
Kasarinlan Philippine Journal of Third World Studies
The World Trade Organization, Trade and Environment PDF
Third World Network

Documents and Source Materials

The Uruguay Round Deal: An Outline of the New Trading System PDF
The World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Mechanism PDF
NGO-PO Statement on the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
New Developments in the Global Economy: Prospects for the Philippines PDF
AFTA Research Secretariat

ISSN: 2012-080X