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Democratic Transitions

Table of Contents

From the Third World Studies Desk

Sense and Ethnic Sensibility PDF
Miriam Coronel Ferrer
Beyond the Transition, Towards Consolidation PDF
Marlon A. Wui


Whither Studies of Asian Democratization PDF
Olle Törnquist
Is Islam Compatible with Democracy PDF
Carmen A. Abubakar
Democratization and Economic Growth: What's in Store for South Korea? PDF
Amado M. Mendoza Jr.
Imagining the Transition: Towards Restoration of Transformation PDF
Maricris R. Valte
Decentralization, Devolution and Democratization: Old Concepts, Contemporary Applications PDF
Alex B. Brillantes


Experiencing Transitional Democracy: The Role of the Anti-Marcos Opposition Groups PDF
Ruth R. Lusterio

ISSN: 2012-080X