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Human Security in Conflict Situations

Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor

The Insecurities of Human Security PDF
Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem 01-03


Framing Ethnic Conflict and the State in Southeast Asia PDF
M.C.M. Santamaria 04-36
Human Security: A Human Rights Approach to National Security? PDF
Evelyn B. Serrano, Max M. de Mesa 37-61
Small Arms Proliferation and Misuse: Human Security Impact and Policy Actions in Southeast Asia PDF
Gina Rivas Pattugalan 62-91
Paths of the Mau Mau Revolution: Victory and Glory Usurped PDF
Gatimu Maina 92-112


Hostaged? Philippine Foreign Policy after Angelo dela Cruz PDF
Kasarinlan Journal 113-141
US Military Power and Interests in Asia-Pacific: The Challenges to Human Security and Development PDF
Kasarinlan Journal 142-155
On the Mindanao Reform Agenda: A Roundtable Discussion with Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr. PDF
Kasarinlan Journal 156-185


Will Addressing the Socioeconomic Concerns of the Mindanao People Put an End to Conflict in Southern Philippines? PDF
Julkipli M. Wadi, Raymund Jose G. Quilop, Jesse M. Pascasio, Eid Kabalu, Roberto C. Layson, Soliman Santos Jr., Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr. 186-208


Development and Security in Southeast Asia. Vol. 1, The Environment (David B. Dewitt and Carolina G. Hernandez, eds.) PDF
Joel F. Ariate Jr. 209-215
Development and Security in Southeast Asia. Vol. 2, The People (David B. Dewitt and Carolina G. Hernandez, eds.) PDF
Sarah Jane Domingo 216-221
Development and Security in Southeast Asia. Vol. 3, Globalization (David B. Dewitt and Carolina G. Hernandez, eds.) PDF
Ronald C. Molmisa 222-227
Whose Security Counts? Participatory Research on Armed Violence and Human Security in Southeast Asia (Chutimas Suksai, Raymond Narag, Daraaceh and Keng Menglang) PDF
Sharon M. Quinsaat 228-232
Nutrition in the Philippines: The Past for Its Template, Red for Its Color (Cecilia Florencio) PDF
Zuraida Mae D. Cabilo 233-238
Southeast Asia: The Human Landscape of Modernization and Development, 2nd ed. (Jonathan Rigg) PDF
Aloysius Ma. L. CaƱete 239-241
Natural Resources and Violent Conflict: Options and Actions (Ian Bannon and Paul Collier, eds.) PDF
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui 242-245
Understanding the Mindanao Conflict (Patricio P. Diaz) PDF
Maria Anna Rowena Luz Layador 246-249
Bunso (The Youngest) (Ditsi Carolino) PDF
Ma. Agnes A. Paculdar 250-254
Love, Sex, and the Filipino Communist (Patricio N. Abinales) PDF
Joel Rocamora 255-258

ISSN: 2012-080X