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Food Sovereignty in Southeast Asia

Table of Contents

Notes from the Guest Editor

Food Sovereignty: Debates and Directions PDF
Dominique Caouette 1-6

Notes from the Editor

Food Sovereignty and Human Security in Southeast Asia PDF
Maria Ela L. Atienza 7-10

Introduction to Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty as an Emerging Concept PDF
Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri 11-21
The 2008 Food and Financial Crises and the South: Causes and Impacts PDF
Soha Farouk, Laura Cliche 22-48
Beyond Borders: The Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas PDF
Marie-Josée Massicotte, Claudia Beaudoin, Thomas Bernier- Villeneuve, Jessica Brousseau 49-67


Food Security versus Food Sovereignty: Choice of Concept, Policies, and Classes in Vietnam’s Post-Reform Economy PDF
Tran Thi Thu Trang 68-88
Viet Nam’s Food Security: A Castle of Cards in the Winds of Climate Change PDF
François Fortier 89-120
Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Oil Palm Plantations in Borneo PDF
Denis Côté, Laura Cliche 121-152
Introducing the “Human” into Philippine Security Discourses: Convergence or Dialogue? PDF
Oscar A. Gómez S. 153-182
Canada’s Aid Policy and Assistance to Rural Development and Land Policies to the Philippines since the 1980s PDF
Dominique Caouette, Julien Vallée, Lindsay Long 183-222

Workshop Synthesis

Southeast Asian Perspectives on Food Sovereignty: Outcomes and Observations PDF
Miguel Paolo P. Reyes 223-251

Research Notes

Swidden, Oil Palm, and Food Security in West Kalimantan PDF
Lesley Potter 252-263
Sovereignty and Food Politics in East Timor PDF
Douglas Kammen 264-273
Does Nature Determine the Gendered Spaces in Indigenous Society? A Look at the Ivatan Farming System and Food Sovereignty PDF
Maria Helen F. Dayo 274-284
Land Conversion and Agrofuel Plantations in Mindanao: Promises and Uncertainties PDF
Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao (AFRIM) 285-294
Two Years After the 2008 Rice Crisis PDF
Hazel Arandez-Tanchuling 295-311
Banking on the Rural Poor?: Critical Insights and Policy Questions on Foreign Aid and Agrarian Reform in the Philippines PDF
Mary Ann Manahan 312-323
Livelihood Vulnerability and Food Security among Upland Ethnic Minorities in Northern Vietnam PDF
Christine Bonnin, Sarah Turner 324-340
How Do Disasters Shape Food Sovereignty in the Philippines? Exploring the Reciprocal Relationships between Food and Disaster PDF
Christine Gibb, Justin Veuthey 341-360
Does the Food Sovereignty Movement Exist in Negros? The BIND and ONOPRA Experiences PDF
Benedicto Q. Sánchez 361-377
Doubts and Dissents on Food Sovereignty PDF
Joel F. Ariate Jr. 378-382


The New Farm Owners: Corporate Investors Lead the Rush for Control of Overseas Farmlands PDF
Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN) 383-396
Fisherfolk’s Ways of Claiming Food Sovereignty Through Access and Control of Coastal Resources PDF
Marita P. Rodriguez 397-406
Agrarian Reform in Conflict Areas: The Bondoc Peninsula Experience PDF
Danilo Carranza 407-413
Fair Trade and the Role of Small Farmers and ARBs on Food Sovereignty in the Philippines PDF
Errol Ramos 414-421
Permaculture as Alternative Agriculture PDF
Bert Peeters 422-434
International Food Organizations, Global Summits, and People’s Movements PDF
Vicente Fabe 435-441
Bohol: Striving toward Sustainable and Sovereign Food System PDF
Larry M. Pamugas 442-446
Women Contributing to Food Sovereignty through Sustainable Agriculture PDF
Esperanza “Pangging” A. Santos, Margie Lacanilao (SARILAYA) 447-451
Living and Learning in Rural Southeast Asia: The Program Where Academe, Scientists, Farmers, and Policymakers Converged to Promote Farmers’ Rights and Biodiversity PDF
Southeast Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment (SEARICE), Laura Cliche 452-465
Is Asia for Sale? Trends, Issues, and Strategies against Land Grabbing PDF
Mary Ann Manahan, Focus on the Global South 466-481

Feature Review

Food Crisis and Beyond: Locating Food- Sovereign Alternatives in a Post-Neoliberal Context PDF
Efe Can Gürcan 482-496


Agrarian Angst and Rural Resistance in Contemporary Southeast Asia PDF
Rosanne Rutten 497-503
Alter-Globalization: Becoming Actors in the Global Age PDF
Armando Malay Jr. 504-508
Learning from the Ground Up: Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production PDF
Athena Lydia Casambre 508-512


Acknowledgment PDF

ISSN: 2012-080X