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Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor

Revisiting Migration PDF
Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem 01-02


“Exotic Love at Your Fingertips”: Intermarriage Websites, Gendered Representation, and the Transnational Migration of Filipino and Thai Women PDF
Leonora Angeles, Sirijit Sunanta 03-31
Representing Rosalina and Annabel: Filipino Women, Violence, Media Representation, and Contested Realities PDF
Cleonicki Saroca 32-60
Why are Most Filipino Workers in Japan Entertainers?: Perspectives from History and Law PDF
Lydia N. Yu Jose 61-84
Adaptation and Identity Formation in the Cuban American Community: Reflections and Considerations PDF
Kenneth E. Bauzon 85-116
Gender, Migration, and the State: Filipino Women and Reproductive Labor in the United States PDF
Sandra E. Ezquerra 117-144


Economic Development After the Washington Consensus: Globalization, Liberalization, Inequality and the Changing Policy Debate PDF
Jomo KS 145-160


Should governments encourage migration? PDF
Manolo Abella, Rita Afsar, Bridget Anderson, Richard Black, Ashley William Gois, Ernesto M. Pernia, Ashok Swain


Authetic Though not Exotic: Essays on Filipino Identity (Fernando Nakpil Zialcita) PDF
MCM Santamaria 192-194
East Asia and the Trials of Neo-Liberalism (Kevin Hewison and Richard Robison) PDF
Joseph Anthony Y. Lim 194-199
Globalization and Social Exclusion: A Transformationalist Perspective (Ronaldo Munck) PDF
Sarah Raymundo 199-203
Pacific Storm: Dispatches on Pacquiao of the Philippines (Recah Trinidad) PDF
Katrina Maquilan 204-206
U.G: An Underground Tale; The Journey of Edgar Jopson and the First Quarter Storm (Benjamin Pimentel Jr.) PDF
Robert Francis Garcia 206-210


Proceedings of the Regional Conference-Workshop on Disseminating Peace in Southeast Asia PDF
Third World Studies Center

ISSN: 2012-080X