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Electoral Politics 1

Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor

Electoral Politics and the "Democratic Deficit" PDF
Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem 01-03


The 2004 General Elections and the Virtues of Indonesian Presidentialism PDF
Priyambudi Sulistiyanto 04-24
Malaysia’s 2004 General Elections: Spectacular Victory, Continuing Tensions PDF
Marzuki Mohamad 25-53
Electoral Bottlenecks and Problems of Governance in Nepal PDF
Narad Bharadwaj, Shiva K. Dungana, Bishnu Raj Upreti 54-74
Indian Elections 2004: A Retrospective Analysis and Overview PDF
Lawrence Surendra 75-91
The True Results of the 2004 Philippine Presidential Election Based on the NAMFREL Tally PDF
Roberto Verzola 92-118


Policy Dialogue Series 2004: Academe Meets the Party-List Representatives PDF
Third World Studies Center 119-148
Twenty-five Years after the Nicaraguan Revolution PDF
Alejandro Bendaña 149-156


What is your assessment of the recent elections in your country? PDF
Haydee Yorac, Joel Rocamora, Antoinette Raquiza, Roberto P. Reyes, Jan Pospisil, Chua Beng Huat, Takashi Shiraishi, Harsh Seti 157-187


Campaigning for Democracy: Grassroots Citizenship Movements, Less-than-democratic Elections, and Regime Transition in the Philippines (Jennifer Conroy Franco) PDF
Aries A. Arugay 188-192
Citizen’s Media Monitor: A Report on the Campaign and Elections Coverage in the Philippines 2004 (Melinda Quintos de Jesus and Luis V. Teodoro, eds.) PDF
Zuraida Mae D. Cabilo 192-198
Cockfight, Horserace, Boxing Match (Why Elections Are Covered as Sport): Lessons Learned from the 2004 Campaign Coverage (Coronel, Shiela S., Yvonne T. Chua and Isagani S. de Castro) PDF
Sharon M. Quinsaat 198-203
News for Sale: The Corruption and Commercialization of the Philippine Media (Chay Florentino-Hofileña) PDF
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui 203-207
Papogi: The Imaging of Philippine Presidents (Directed by Butch Perez) PDF
Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui 207-213
The Rulemakers: How the Wealthy and Well-born Dominate the Congress (Shiela S. Coronel, Yvonne T. Chua, Boomba B. Cruz and Luz Rimban) PDF
Sarah Jane Domingo 213-218
Spin & Sell: How Political Ads Shaped the 2004 Elections (Glenda M. Gloria, Ana Maria L. Tabunda, and Carmela S. Fonbuena) PDF
Danilo Araña Arao 218-225
Subverting the People’s Will: The May 10, 2004 Elections (Luis V. Teodoro, ed.) PDF
Ronald C. Molmisa 225-231

ISSN: 2012-080X