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From the Third World Studies Desk

From the Third World Studies Desk PDF
Randolf S. David 02


Imperialism, Militarization, and Human Rights in Asia PDF
Randolf S. David 03-10
Filipino Labor Outmigration: A Preliminary Analysis PDF
Arnel de Guzman 11-20
US Intervention in Nicaragua PDF
Edmundo G. Garcia 21-28
The Culture of Resistance: A Study of Protest Songs from 1972-1980 PDF
Teresita Gimenez-Maceda 29-35

Views and Comments

The Crisis of Redemocratization PDF
Alexander R. Magno 36
PNPP-1: The Issue of Nuclear Radiation and Waste PDF
Fabian M. Dayrit 37-39


Confronting the Crisis: A University Searches for Relevance PDF
P.N. Abinales 40-41
Mindanao's Showroom Industries PDF
Karl Gaspar 41-44
Through the Eyes of the Left PDF
Alexander R. Magno 44-46

Documents and Source Materials

National Security Study Directive: US Policy Towards the Philippines (Executive Summary) PDF
US State Department 47-51

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
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