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From the Third World Studies Desk

The Meaning of Peace in Asia PDF
Randolf S. David 03-04


Community Organization and People's Participation: The Philippine Experience PDF
Karina C. David 05-12
Case Study: ZOTO and the Twice-told Story of Philippine Community Organizing PDF
Jurgette A. Honculada 13-24
Peace and Security Issues in Southeast Asia PDF
Alexander R. Magno 25-34
The Crisis in Philippine Agriculture PDF
Eduardo C. Tadem 35-39
The Left and the Philippine Student Movement: Random Historical Notes on Party Politics and Sectoral Struggles PDF
P.N. Abinales 41-45

Dalumat (Analysis)

Dependent Nationalism PDF
Alexander R. Magno 46


Patterns of Community Organizing in the Philippines: A Critique PDF
Caridad Nasol 47-48
Obscuring Labor Exploitation with Abstracted Data and Liberal Apologism PDF
Bienvenido S. Oplas 48-50
Looking Back on a Life and History PDF
Danilo F. Sibal 50-51

Documents and Source Materials

The World Food Assembly Manifesto PDF
World Food Assembly 52-57

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
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