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From the Third World Studies Desk

The Social Science of Crisis and the Crisis of Philippine Social Science PDF
Randolf S. David 03-04


A Critical Look Into the Role of Public Enterprises PDF
Victoria A. Bautista 05-16
Leapfrogging the Scientific and Technological Gap: An Alternative National Strategy for Mastering the Future PDF
Roger Posadas 17-24
Transnationalization, the Global Crisis and Foreign Debt: The Philippine Experience PDF
Randolf S. David 25-34
Pablo Neruda's Song of Protest: History as Sensual Delight PDF
Ma. Teresa M. Sicat 35-46

Views and Comments

The Limits of Demonstration Elections PDF
Alexander R. Magno 47


A Glimpse Into Manila's Social History PDF
Ricardo T. Jose 48-49
The Need for a Critical Approach in Government Research PDF
Maximillan Millora 49-51

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
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