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The Aquino Cabinet: An Interesting Mix of Traditional Minds, New Blood and Progressive Spirits PDF
M.C.E. Baytion 02


The Regime is Dead! Long Live the Regime! PDF
Emmanuel C. Lallana 03-06
High Hopes Amidst a Wasted Legacy PDF
IBON Databank Staff 07-12
The Political Dynamics of People's Power PDF
Francisco A. Magno 13-18
Revolution without Tears: Notes on People Power and the February 1986 Uprising in the Philippines PDF
Randolf S. David 19-28
Lessons for the Philippine Left PDF
Eduardo C. Tadem 29-36
The Post-Marcos Regime, The Non-Bourgeois Opposition and the Prospects of a Philippine "October" PDF
P.N. Abinales 37-46

Dalumat (Analysis)

The Anatomy of Political Collapse PDF
A. R. Magno 47-49

Documents and Source Materials

Manifesto PDF
Lakas ng Sambayanan (Cory Aquino's People Power [CAPP]) 50-51

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
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