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From the Third World Studies Desk

Theorizing the Transition PDF
Randolf S. David 02


The Church and National Liberation PDF
Mario Bolasco 03-12
The Illusions of Economic Recovery PDF
Manuel F. Montes 13-18
Land and Natural Resources Reform PDF
Mahar Mangahas 19-26
Beyond February: The Tasks of Socialists PDF
Francisco Nemenzo 27-36
Brazil's Literatura de Cordel: The Poetry of the People PDF
Joseph Luyten 37-54
The Tragedy of East Timor PDF
Rolando B. Modina 55-58

Views and Comments

Reading the February Revolution PDF
Randolf S. David 59-60
Memorandum to Popular Democrats PDF
Alexander R. Magno 61


After Marcos: The Scenario of Reality PDF
Danilo F. Sibal 62
An Alternative Look at History PDF
Leandro M. Chan 63-64

Documents and Source Materials

Party Conduct Assessment, Says Boycott Policy was Wrong PDF
Communist Party of the Philippines 65-66

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
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