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The Burden of a Second Mandate PDF
Randolf S. David 03-04


Demilitarization, the Military and the Post-Marcos Transition PDF
P.N. Abinales 05-16
The Viability of Social Democracy as a Political Ideology in the Philippines PDF
Anna Marie Karaos 17-22
The Socialist Vision PDF
BISIG (Bukluran sa Ikauunlad ng Sosyalistang Isip at Gawa) 23-36
Is the People's Flag Deepest Red...or Brightest Green? (Reflections on the New Social Movements Internationally) PDF
Peter Waterman 37-48
Philippine Student Movement: Prospects for a Dynamic Student Politics PDF
Maricris Valte 49-62

Dalumat (Analysis)

Crisis on the Left PDF
Alex R. Magno 63


Nicaragua's Battle of the Airwaves PDF
Maricor Baytion 64-65
Confronting the Irony of a Revolution PDF
Danilo Sibal 65-66

Documents and Source Materials

Oppose the US-Aquino Scheme to Stabilize the Reactionary Ruling Order PDF
Ang Bayan 67-68

Notes on the Authors

Notes on the Authors PDF
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