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From the Third World Studies Desk

The Political Medium is the Political Message PDF
Fernando V. Cao 03-04


The People Power Project: EDSA and Beyond PDF
Randolf S. David 05-10
Politics and the Southeast Asian Armed Forces PDF
P.N. Abinales 11-20
Indonesia: Suharto's Military-Backed Regime in Retrospect PDF
Adharail B. Hapas 21-28
Democracy and the Revolutionary Process in Nicaragua PDF
Francois Houtart 29-36
Counterinsurgency and the People's War in El Salvador PDF
Marty Villalobos 37-54
The Debt Crisis and its Impact on the Development of Southeast Asian Nations PDF
Warin Wonghanchao 55-62
Is NPA Sparrow Warfare Urban Terrorism? PDF
Omar Tupaz 63-72

Dalumat (Analysis)

Electoral Experiment Flounders PDF
Alexander R. Magno 73

Views and Comments

Congress Must Move Fast PDF
Francisco A. Magno 74

Documents and Source Materials

People's Legislative Agenda PDF
Movement for New Politics 75-78
Declaration of Principles PDF
Congress for a People's Agrarian Reform 78-80
NDF's Withdrawal from the Ceasefire Negotiations PDF
Satur C. Ocampo, Antonio Zumel, Rodolfo C. Salas 80-81

Notes on the Authors

Notes on the Authors PDF
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