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A Movement Dies, A Regime is Born (Notes on the Second Anniversary of the EDSA Uprising) PDF
Randolf S. David 03-06


Cornucopia or Curse: The Internal Debate on the U.S. Bases in the Philippines PDF
Alexander Magno 07-18
The Bases, U.S. Intervention and the Aquino Regime PDF
Daniel Boone Schirmer 19-28
Trading-off Foreign Military Bases in the Philippines and Vietnam: The Strategic Implications PDF
Stephen Rosskamm Shalom 29-50
The Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM): A Creation of Historical Experience PDF
Salvador Guerrero 51-58
The Collapse of the Sugar Industry in Negros Occidental and Its Social and Economic Consequences PDF
Yoshiko Nagano 59-64
Involuntariness is the Name of the Debt Game (Notes on the Philippine Government's Debt Strategy) PDF
Manuel Montes 65-71

Dalumat (Analysis)

The Declining Clans PDF
A.R. Magno 72

Documents and Source Materials

The Contours of a Just and Lasting Peace PDF
Coaliton for Peace 73-75
The People's Christmas Ceasefire and the Challenge of Forging Genuine and Lasting Peace PDF
Coalition for Peace 75

Notes on the Authors

Notes on the Authors PDF
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