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From the Third World Studies Desk

The Moment of Decision PDF
F.A. Magno 03

Dalumat (Analysis)

A Doubtful Strategy PDF
A.R. Magno 04


Problems of Redemocratization in the Third World: The Philippines and Latin America PDF
Francisco A. Magno 05-12
Personalized Politics in Japanese and Filipino Elections PDF
Renato S. Velasco 13-25
The PKP and MAKIBAKA Revisited: Women's Liberation in Revolutionary Theory and Practice PDF
Leonora C. Angeles 26-38
Liberalism and Nationalism: The Role of the Filipino Intelligentsia PDF
Teresite del Rosario Hanrath 39-49

Special Section

Secretary Raul Manglapus on Philippine Foreign Policy PDF
Raul Manglapus 50-69


History, Textuality and Revolution PDF
Epifanio San Juan Jr. 70-76
Kothari's Unfinished Visions PDF
Alexander R. Magno 76-77

Documents and Source Materials

Questions and Answers on the Foreign Debt PDF
Freedom from Debt Coalition 78-79

Notes on the Authors

Notes on the Authors PDF
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