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From the Third World Studies Desk

Ferdinand Marcos: Exile, Fugitive or Prisoner? PDF
Randolf S. David 03

Dalumat (Analysis)

The Death of Cacique Politics PDF
Alexander R. Magno 04


Between Advocacy and Opposition: The Popular Movements Two Years after the Philippine February PDF
Alexander R. Magno 05-08
Development Crisis in the Philippines PDF
Francisco A. Magno 09-14
The Struggle for Hegemony: Notes on the Liberative Culture PDF
Fernando V. Cao 15-20
The Implications of Political Killings in Modern-Day Thailand PDF
Benedict Anderson 21-30


Forum on Agrarian Reform PDF
Third World Studies Center 31-44
Agrarian Reform under the Aquino Regime: Macro View from Negros PDF
Yoshiko Nagano 45-52
Landlessness, Insurgency and the Food Crisis in Negros PDF
Violeta Lopez-Gonzaga 53-59


Hermeneutics for Our Time: From Where Do We Speak? PDF
Edel C. Garcellano 61-69

Documents and Source Materials

The State of the Nation PDF
Corazon C. Aquino 70-76
A Citizen's Proposal to the CBCP: Opposition to War, Solidarity for Peace PDF
Coalition for Peace 77-79

Notes on the Contributors

Notes on the Contributors PDF
Third World Studies Center

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