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From the Third World Studies Desk

Development and the Cold War Obstacle PDF PDF
Teresa S. Encarnacion

Dalumat (Analysis)

Insurgency Profile PDF
Alexander R. Magno


Poverty in the Philippines: Its Social Roots PDF
Randolf S. David
The Long Stag Party: Women and the Imperialist Game in Manila PDF
Dolores Feria
Situating the Philippine Political Economy: Import-Substitution Industrialization in Comparative Perspective PDF
Paul Hutchcroft
Democracy, Socialism, and Post Revolutionary States: Problems in Theory and Reality PDF
Amado M. Mendoza Jr.


Academe meets the People: The Labor Sector After the P25 Wage Hike: What Now and Where To? PDF

Documents and Source Materials

Debt Reduction, Not Aid; Independence, Not Mendicancy PDF
Freedom from Debt Coalition

Views and Comments

On the Tinambac Incident: Beyond Condemnation and Condolences PDF
Hearts of Peace (HOPE)

ISSN: 2012-080X