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From the Third World Studies Desk

Crisis and Renewal in the Socialist Homeland PDF
Randolf S. David
Socialism is Alive and Well PDF
Eduardo C. Tadem

Dalumat (Analysis)

When the Iron Curtain Melts PDF
Alexander R. Magno


Understanding Eastern Europe PDF
Ricardo D. Ferrer
Crisis in Eastern Europe: Issues and Implications PDF
Aileen San Pablo-Baviera
Clark and Subic: Projecting US Power into the Gulf PDF
Stephen R. Shalom
EEC and Asian Regional Development Initiatives: Divergent Experiences at the Grassroots level PDF
Teresa S. Encarnacion
NGOs and the Bureaucracy: A Collaboration in Search of a Framework PDF
Danilo A. Ocampo
Challenges for NGOs in the Changing Political Setting PDF
Suthy Prasartset
Ten Myths on Democracy and Communication PDF
Roberto Remo Bissio


Two Germanys on the Road to Unity PDF


Media in the Present Crisis PDF

Documents and Source Materials

Self Regulation, Not Repression PDF
UP College of Mass Communications
Summary of Proposed Agreement between the United States and thge Republic of the Philippines on the Transfer of Ownership of the Subic Bay Repair Ship Facility PDF


'Innovative' Ideas for Prolonged US Stay after 1991 PDF

ISSN: 2012-080X