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(combined issue, nos. 1-2)

Table of Contents

From the Third World Studies Desk

The Failure of Diplomacy PDF
Randolf S. David


Philippine Democracy: Contradictions of Third World Redemocratization PDF
Robert B. Stauffer
Democracy and the Philippine Left PDF
Olle Törnquist
The Road to NIChood: The Philippine Experience PDF
Randolf S. David
Philippine Agrarian Reform Today: Fallen Hopes and New Possibilities PDF
Eduardo C. Tadem
International Migration as State Policy: The Philippine Experience As Model and Myth PDF
Jorge V. Tigno
Peasant Syncretic Vision in Times of Rebellion Reconsidered PDF
P.N. Abinales
The Roots of Heaven: The Politics of Housework, Reproduction, and Childcare PDF
Arianne Loening

Dalumat (Analysis)

Arms Race Caused Gulf War PDF
Alexander R. Magno

Documents and Source Materials

Statement on the Letter of Intent and the Economic Stabilization Program PDF
Freedom from Debt Coalition
A Framework for Peace Negotiations PDF

Special Section

The Story Behind Imelda's Trial PDF
The Middle East Crisis: Is there a Middle Ground? PDF
Kasarinlan Philippine Journal of Third World Studies


The Nationalist Movement in the Armed Forces of the Philippines PDF
Paggamit ng Wikang Pilipino: Muling Pagsasalamin ng Kaisipang Pinoy PDF

ISSN: 2012-080X