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Mario Harrison

Bio Statement Current Short Hair Styles – hi welcome to my channel thank you somuch for watching um yeah so you’ve come to see how I do myeveryday hair this is it nothing majorly special it’s just howI’m rocking my hair at the moment so um this is me growing out my short pixiecut this is like I don’t know maybe two years in now that doesn’t it doesn’tseem like my hair’s grown that long for two years but I’ve been cutting it andcutting it and cutting it because anyone that is growing out a pixie cut knowsthat it’s really difficult and you go through stages where you just do notfeel attractive you look in the mirror you’re not happy with what you see it’snot cut in the style that you’re you know used to it’s not you know at alength that you can just kind of rock it in a bob it’s kind of at a weird stage so Iwas in that weird stage for quite a while and I’m literally only justfeeling like I’m coming out of that weird stage well actually no I’m way pastthat with with stage now I’m happy I’m happy with how my hair is I’m happy withthe length anyone that is growing out of pixie cut knows that the back is justthe worst because it always gets long at the back and it’s still short at the topand it’s just all weird and freaky looking so I am letting my hair grow atthe top and cutting the back maybe every month to keep that short and cutelooking but still kind of maintaining the length at the front so that’s where Iam at the Current Short Hair Styles