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Marissa Pearson

Bio Statement Big Curly Hair Styles – Hey, guys it’s Monica aka StyldbyM. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I am going to be showing you guys a beautiful curly Wig. This is Sensational’s “Empress Italian Curl” Wig I purchased this from Samsbeauty. Com. So yeah. My hair is braided. I have on my nylon stocking cap and this is what the wig looks like on the stock card. This is how it comes in the box and I ‘m just going to pop the wig right on my head so you guys can see what it looks like straight from the box. I just love the curl pattern it’s so pretty! and yet this is what the wig looks like this is how long it is. It’s probably like 30 inches long and it is super curly. Big Curly Hair Styles