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Michael Langley

Bio Statement Short Black Women Hair Styles – Watch this for the best tutorial on usingCurlformers on your natural hair! The curlers look like this and can be used with or withouta hair dryer. If you are sensitive about putting heat on your natural hair, then girl, thisis the product for you! I’m starting on clean, damp, co-washed hair. I’m using about a squareinch worth of hair. Now don’t use too much, because your hair will get stuck on this rod,and I’m telling you, it hurts! I rather use too little hair, than too much. It reallyhelps your hair get straight to the root if you make sure the rod is as close to yourscalp as possible. Grab your hair with one hand, and hook the rod around, then push thecurler toward your head so it is nearly flush with your scalp. Pull down on the rod whileholding the top of your Curlformer in place. Then, voila! You’re done! Now you gotta dothat about 79 or 80 more times. Short Black Women Hair Styles