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Cara Hester

Bio Statement Short Hair Styles – So we got a new mic guys tada Do you guys want us to do an ASMR channel? I would love to read books for you guys Or eat something, make this kind of sound What’s up, cuties welcome to our channel and today we’re going to show you several different hairstyles that we’ve created using these amazing 8-in-1 Glam Magic Curl Multi Styler That was kindly sent to us by Zespa So we actually received these products the day before we came back from the Phuket trip and ever since that day we switched our old hair styler into these ones because it’s so easy to create different hairstyles and the best part is that it heats up really really fast It’s super cost-effective because you get to have eight different types of attachers and a price that is equivalent to one or two hairstylers that you generally get in the market and for us we got both this pink one and I got purple yaaaaa you can achieve C curls, S curls, Z curls, natural wave, perm, straight, and so much more and the possibilities are endless with these babies// At first we were so so so confused when we first received this product because a lot of the things were things that we never saw in our life especially this spiral curling iron, when we first saw this we were like “what the heck/hell is this” So in case if there are some of you guys who are also confused on how to use these stuff we’ll introduce step by steps as we show you guys how we stylize our hair So the first one we’re gonna introduce is this two-in-one straightener, and it’s called two-in-one because you can use it as a normal straightener but the cool thing is that you can pull out the plate and flip it to create Z curls for your hair For me because I have really long and heavy hair Short Short Hair Styles