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Angelique Swanson

Bio Statement Short Natural Curly Hair Styles – for this look I am going to be using my eco styling gel and a hair polish any brand of here polish will do and I’m also going to be using this aunt Jackie and Jackie curl and coils thing any curl activator it will do so yeah I’m using a whole bunch of different products but this is the first time I’m trying it right so what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna section off a part of the hair now this hair is wet and also has conditioner in it what you can also do is make sure you have a bottle with conditional and water close by right so I’m going to take some of the gel and put it in my hands take some of the hair polish put it in my hands as well or get some of this and Jackie’s curl things a few drops not too much and a little bit of the curl activator so oops is dripping but this is a concoction i have going to have to mix it up with my hands I’m gonna just put it in this little section of the hair I’m starting off at the top so you guys could see and so when I finished doing it I’ll show you guys as well right so this is just my little technique alright so I’m going to spread with my water and conditional just a little bit because he has damp but it’s not wet enough for me and that’s just going to seal the deal with me I am not even going to be using a cool right so I’m going to section out a little piece of the hair and. Short Natural Curly Hair Styles