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Rochelle Hutchinson

Bio Statement Undercut Hair Product – Hello guys! I’m Rasmus, and today I’m goingto show you some tips and tricks. First, I’ll wash my hair with shampoo andconditioner, and afterwards I’ll show you how I style my hair. The reason I’m doing this the hard way isbecause you don’t need to take a shower just to wash your hair. The reason why I’m using conditioner is because, when you use shampoo, you open the hair cuticles,and the conditioner actually neutralises this and closes them, so your hair is ready forstyling. And it also gets soft and smooth! And good scalp massage also promotes the blood flow and hair growth. When I’m blow-drying my hair, I like to use pre-styling spray, because it takes out someof the curls, and it makes a good hold foundation for the styling later on. I’m applying about 20 pumps of the pre-styling spray evenly all over the hair. And now, blowdrying. Undercut Hair Product