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Jeanine Moran

Bio Statement How To Style Long Hair For Guys – (upbeat music) – I’ve always been interestedto see what I would look like with long hair. – This is about as longas I’ve ever had my hair. – I look forward to doing a lot of this and a lot of that. – If you wanna head bangif you have long hair, that’s like the whole reason. – If I like the longhair, I’m definitely gonna grow my hair out. (upbeat music) – What? – Whoa! Whoa. – Pssst. What? – I’m like a very feminine Khal Drogo. – I look like I’m on thecover of like some stupid romance novel. Hey. – Bet you so much moneypeople are gonna walk by me and be like, Jesus! – I look like a very disappointing geisha. – I just feel like I put onthat voice the whole time. Hey, where’s the organic produce? – Do I have to wear thisevery time I go out? – Let the week begin. – Ricky just did my hair. How To Style Long Hair For Guys