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Shelby Dorsey

Bio Statement Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas – [MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] -Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from CuteGirls Hairstyles. And today, Brooklynand I are going to show you how to do someno heat bandana curls. Now, you’re going to love thisstyle because it’s really easy. It’s quick to put in. And the bandanas just giveyou a really fun, kind of lose wave that’s perfectfor the next morning when you’re in a hurry. Now, to start thishairstyle, you’re going to need four bandannasjust folded in half diagonally so they’re just all crumpled up. And then we parted herhair where she normally likes her hair parted andjust divided it really roughly down the back in half. It doesn’t have to be a perfectdivision by any stretch. So now we’re going to divideit in half again, but from top to bottom. This is going to allow the curlsto come up the hairline just a little bit farther, whichBrooklyn likes better. When you get thatseparated, go ahead and spritz it with just water. You want it damp, but notlike sopping wet, or else it won’t dry overnight. You just want it dampenough to add the curl. You’re going to takethe bandana and wrap it around the hairstrand like this. And then you’re basicallyweaving the hair around the bandana. Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas