Career Choices of U.P. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program Graduates from 1975-2011

Zenaida Galingan, Anna Talia Basman


The fluctuating number of graduates, board examinees, and board passers in the field of Landscape Architecture (LA) coupled with an unchanging number of freshmen enrollees annually in the University of the Philippines College of Architecture (UPCA) for the same profession has brought many questions to the faculty members in the college. One hundred fifty one of 373 graduates were included in the study. The researcher used descriptive survey method employing a questionnaire as the main instrument. These questionnaires containing questions on career theory and development were sent via electronic mail to the respondents. Forty percent of the graduates responded and were included in the study. Using statistical correlation analysis of factors, data shows that personal goal (p-value=0.001) and current job salary (p-value=0.001) satisfaction significantly affected the decision to practice the profession.

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