Synthesis of PB-Free BI-2223 from BI-2212 Using Partial Melting

M. U. Herrera, Roland V. Sarmago


Synthesis of Pb-free Bi-2223 has been made possible by partial melting. Partial melting was done by sintering the samples below the melting point of Bi-2212 thus allowing the dissociation of the weak bonds of BiO layer to exhibit fluid-like planar movements. Volume fraction of Bi-2223 increases with temperature which was attributed to the increase in fluid-like movements. Also, the samples sintered at long sintering time of 50hrs and 100hrs show larger volume fraction of Bi-2223 as compared with those sintered at 25hrs. The involvement of fluidlike planar movements during the partial melting process was supported by the presence of fusedgrain boundaries, layered structure, and hole-like features seen in the Scanning Electron Microscopy images.

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