An Analysis of Development Frameworks for Children

Victoria A. Bautista


Children have rights just like any other human being. Efforts in making sure their rights are protected have been extensively carried out all over the globe and development frameworks have been created to address the problems affecting them. This analysis evaluates and compares five development frameworks for children (three globally committed and two Philippine-devised). It aims to guide policymakers in crafting a more clear-cut design of policies and action plans to help effect their successful implementation/ execution. The frameworks are analyzed according to their goals and target beneficiaries, time frame, rationale, principles, general framework, program components, mechanisms, and indicators. Issues that demand attention, such as, consistency of their commitments, effective delegation of responsibilities, availability of measurable indicators, participatory governance, capacity to fulfill targets, and new services for children’s needs, and immediate measures that can be undertaken are also discussed.

ISSN: 0031-7675