Whatever You Do, Never Use the C Word: An Overview of Southeast Asian Anti-Corruption Research and Applications

Michael Ligthart


The 40 years of anti-corruption (AC) research and practices, the progress made, and the challenges ahead in East Asia carve out the pre-conditions for effective AC agencies. These preconditions are put in a wider context of organizational-technical, political-economic, and microeconomic research, using surveying, modeling, mapping and risk-analyses, the main diagnostics of applied AC research to single out country/sector specific AC strategies. Systemic AC research is only ten years young, progressing along the tangibles of procurement, financial management, and service delivery, given the emerging body of political-economic country and sector studies, and identifying corruption and possible interventions. The academe and policy research should advance along the axes of financial control and political context.

ISSN: 0031-7675