Inclusion and Participation of Women in Nepalese Civil Service

Yahoda Acharya


Gender equality has been accepted as a universal principle. However, the long history of the subjugation of women made it difficult for modes and patterns of discrimination to be totally wiped out. In developing countries like Nepal, women are found to be still enjoying less political and economic privileges compared to men. One area where inequality lingers is participation in civil service and this is what this article is about. The level of participation and inclusion of women in Nepalese civil service is assessed using extensive literature review, survey and interview of women in the civil service as well as those involved in non-profit work and social activism. The findings of the research suggest that there is a lot more to be done to promote the participation of women in civil service. This problem is aggravated by an urban-rural economic gap that result in less women going to schools and having access to capacity-building facilities.

ISSN: 0031-7675