Evaluating the Application Value of Radio Technology in Selected Provinces in China

Duan Peng


There is a prevailing belief that due to inadequacy of funds and education, radio should be the medium for people in the underdeveloped areas of China. However, the author has found out through field investigations that notwithstanding its important role in developed areas, radio technology is not widely used in those places. In transforming Chinese society, numerous reasons polarize the application value of radio technology which the author evaluates in present-day Chinese society, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods that yielded a large amount of first-hand survey and interview data.

The study analyzes the development situation in poor as well as rich areas of China ane xplorers the prospects of radio in the country. It reinterprets the development of radio from a completely new perspective with the aid of some theories in mass communication.

Keywords: radio technology, rural development, media habits

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