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Looking into the Future of Moro Self-Determination in the Philippines
Rizal Buendia
Media Activism: Bantay Kalikasan in the Passage of the Clean Air Act
Perlita M. Frago
The Evolving Face of Nuclear Proliferation: A Challenge to Global and Regional Security
Raymund Jose G. Quilop
The Dilemma of Democratic Consolidation in the Philippines: The Contested Role of Civic Organizations in Electoral Governance
Seiichi Igarashi


Philippine Politics and Governance (A Review Essay)
Mark R. Thompson
Magindanao, 1860-1888: The Career of Datu Utto of Buayan by Reynaldo C. Ileto
Rudy B. Rodil
Southeast Asia in Search of an ASEAN Community: Insights from the Former ASEAN Secretary General by Rodolfo C. Severino
Celito F. Arlegue
RIDO: Clan Feuding and Conflict Management in Mindanao by Wilfredo Magno Torress III
Elmer L. Jover

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