The Formation of Interpersonal Attraction and Intimate Relationships on Internet Relay Chat: An Exploratory Study

Cherrie Joy F. Billedo*


This research investigated the formation of interpersonal attraction and intimate relationships on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Two methods were employed: survey and in-depth interview. Purposive and convenience sampling were used for both methods. Results revealed that the formation of in-person and online interpersonal attraction and intimate relationships have similar initial stages of development. For online relationships however, partners have to undergo processes to shift from online to in-person. It was also shown that similar attraction cues were important online and in-person. A closer examination, however, showed that these attraction cues differ in salience and quality. This study contributes to the understanding of the impact of computer-mediated communication, particularly IRC, on the development of intimate relationships.

*Assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines Diliman. Email:


chat; youth; interpersonal attraction

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