Kasarian at Kabuhayan : Ilang Tala sa Kasaysayang Demograpikal ng Paggawa at Pasahod sa Pilipinas, 1903-1948

Francis A. Gealogo


The paper describes the significance of gender issues in the discussion of the conditions of work during the first half of the twentienth century. Specifically, it discusses the changes in the conditions of gender-based participation in work and employment over the years. Issues such as wage differentials and gender bias in specific types of work are discussed in detail to give emphasis to the evolution of work and gender relations in the Philippines. The historical perspective is utilized by the author to provide an opportunity to look at work and gender as issues in the development of society’s past. Utilizing historical demographic data, the article attempted to analyze the historical experience of Philippine society in the area of gender and work. Towards the end, the paper attempts to present an agenda for social historical research focusing on a more detailed analysis of gender and work in historical perspective.

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