Synthesis of Pb-doped Bi-2223 from Pb-doped Bi-2212, Ca2CuO3, and CuO Above the Glass Transition Temperature of Bi-2212

Marvin U. Herrera, Roland V Sarmago


Synthesis of Pb-doped Bi-2223 from Pb-doped Bi-2212 (Pb=0.3), Ca2CuO3, and CuO was done by sintering at the glass-phase temperature of Pb-doped Bi-2212. The sample sintered at 850°C possesses nearly 100% Pb-doped Bi-2223, as revealed from the XRD pattern and magnetic susceptibility data. The presence of holes, terrace-like features, and magma-like flow features in the SE< micrographs of the sample strongly support a glass-state Pb-doped Bi-2223 formation.


Pb-dopped Bi-2223; glass transition temperature

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