Evaluation of Philippine Gemmula: I. Forms Related to G. speciosa and G. kieneri

Baldomero Olivera


Gemmula (Weinkauff, 1875) is the largest genus in the subfamily Turrinae (H. & A. Adams, 1853). In this article, Philippine forms of Gemmula with morphological similarities to Gemmula speciosa (Reeve, 1843) and Gemmula kieneri (Doumet, 1840) are evaluated. Two new species, Gemmula sogodensis and Gemmula sikatunai, are described. A group of Gemmula specimens collected from the Western Atlantic appears to be a form of Gemmula sikatunai. The similarity between Philippine and Atlantic forms suggests that Gemmula sikatunai is remarkably stable, long-lived species.

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