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July-December 2006

Table of Contents


Device Fabrication of 60 mm Resonant Cavity Light-Emitting Diode PDF
J. J. C. Reyes, W. Bisquerra, R. V. Sarmago, A. A. Salvador
Enhancement of Fe Magnetic Moments in Fe/Co (001) Multilayers PDF
Marienette Morales, Cristine Villagonzalo
Dipolar Interaction in a One-Dimensional Ising Ring PDF
Gina Rose Tongco, Cristine Villagonzalo
Hopping in a Molecular Wire PDF
R. Marco, R. Banzon, C. Villagonzalo
Tempering and Annealing in a Verdier-Stockmayer Polymer PDF
E. R. Obias, R. S. Banzon
A Multicultural Teaching Framework for Physics PDF
S. L. M. Carreon
A Variational Pertubation Approach PDF
L. C. Chan, A. Villanueva
Flux Creep Investigation in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d High-Temperature Superconductor PDF
G. R. Blanca, J. Ronulo, G. Dumlao, R. Sarmago
Calorimetric Measurements of the Output Power of the 2.48 GHz Commercial Magnetron PDF
Leo Mendel Rosario, Roy Tumlos
Experimental Verification of the Allelomimesis Clustering Model PDF
Dranreb Earl Juanico, Caesar Saloma
Effect of Dopant Ions on the Electrical Conductivity and Microstructure of Polyaniline (Emeraldine Salt) PDF
M. D. Catedral, A. K. G. Tapia, R. V. Sarmago, J. P. Tamayo, E. J. del Rosario
Localization and Imaging of Integrated Circuit Defect Using Simple Optical Feedback Detection PDF
Vernon Julius Cemine, Bernardino Buenaobra, Carlo Mar Blanca, Caesar Saloma
Effect of Wall Material on H– Production in a Plasma Sputter-Type Ion Source PDF
Y. D. M. Ponce, J. R. S. Lazarte, H. J. Ramos
High-Resolution Differential Thermography of Semiconductor Edifices PDF
Vera Marie Sastine, Vernon Julius Cemine, Carlo Mar Blanca, Caesar Saloma
Two-Photon Optical Beam-Induced Current Microscopy of Light-Emitting Diodes PDF
Godofredo Bautista Jr., Carlo Mar Blanca, Caesar Saloma
Femtosecond Pulse Propagation in a Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber PDF
J. F. Gabayno, C. A. Alonzo, W. O. Garcia
Broadband Continuum Generation in Single-Mode Optical Fiber PDF
B. D. Maraña, J. F. Gabayno, W. O. Garcia
SVD vs PCA: Comparison of Performance in an Imaging Spectrometer PDF
Wilma Oblefias, Maricor Soriano, Caesar Saloma
The Effect of Deposition Time on Textured Magnesium Diboride Thick Films Fabricated by Electrophoretic Deposition PDF
W. G. Mutia, M. S. Romano, R. V. Sarmago
Effect of Filter Arrangement in the Estimation Accuracy of an Imaging Spectrometer PDF
Wilma Oblefias, Maricor Soriano, Caesar Saloma
A Hybrid LBFGS-DE Algorithm for Global Optimization of the Lennard-Jones Cluster Problem PDF
Ernesto Padernal Adorio, Bobby Ondoy Corpus
Effect of Cesium Seeding on the Production of H– Ions in a Magnetized Sheet Plasma Source PDF
L. M. M. Villorente, V. R. Noguera, H. J. Ramos
Temporal Coherence Behavior of a Nd:YAG Pumped Waveguide Raman Shifter PDF
Marilou Cadatal, Ma. Leilani Torres, Wilson Garcia
Near-IR Spectral Imaging of Semiconductor Absorption Sites in Integrated Circuits PDF
E. C. Samson, C. M. Blanca, C. A. Saloma
Gradient and Scattering Forces on a Kerr Nanosphere PDF
R. F. Pobre, C. A. Saloma