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January-June 2003

Table of Contents


Growth of GaAs-based VCSEL/RCE Structures for Optoelectronic Applications via Molecular Beam Epitaxy PDF
A. S. Somintac, E. Estacio, M. F. Bailon, A. A. Salvador
Electron Traps in GaAs Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on On-axis (100) and Off-axis Substrates PDF
R. Sarmiento, A. Somintac, L. Guiao, F. Agra, A. Salvador
The Influence of the Transverse Width on the Andreev Bound States and Self-Consistent Gap Function in Clean SNS System PDF
R. E. S. Otadoy, A. Lodder
Onset of Turbulence in Planar and Circular Pipe PDF
L. Jirkovsky, L. Bo-ot
Measurement of the Temperature of Rubidium Atoms in a Magneto-Optical Trap PDF
J. W. F. Liwag, V. A. Sicam, K. Karremans
Time-of-Flight Measurement of a 355-nm Nd:YAG Laser-Produced Aluminum Plasma PDF
M. F. Baclayon, C. A. Alonzo, W. O. Garcia
Measurement of Three-Dimensional Deformations by Phase-Shifting Digital Holographic Interferometry PDF
Percival Almoro, Marilou Cadatal, Marlon Rosendo Daza
Onset of Small-World Behavior in Topologically Evolving Networks PDF
D. E. Juanico, C. P. Monterola, C. A. Saloma
Thermally-Activated Vortex Motion and Electrical Dissipation in a Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oδ Thin Film PDF
C. R. de la Cruz, A. P. C. dela Cruz, L. J. D. Guerra, R. V. Sarmago
Low-Level Color and Textre Feature Extraction of Coral Reef Components PDF
Ma. Sheila Angeli Marcos, Maricor Soriano, Caesar Saloma
Kinetics of Non-Isothermal Crystallization of Coconut-based Cholesteryl Ester: Avrami and Ozawa Approaches PDF
J. F. Joson, L. T. Davila, Z. B. Domingo
Thin Film Formation of Gallium Nitride Using Plasma-Sputter Deposition Technique PDF
R. Flauta, T. Kasuya, T. Ohachi, M. Wada
Profile Analysis of Hydrogenic Helium Ions in a Magnetized Sheet Plasma PDF
Gene Blantocas, Henry Ramos
Optimized Extraction of H– by Three-Electrode Faraday Cup System in Magnetized Sheet Plasma Ion Source PDF
M. S. Fernandez, H. J. Ramos
Study of the Perturbation to a Bose-Einstein Gas PDF
L. Chan
Static Behaviors of Confined Time-Arrival Operators PDF
R. R. Bahague Jr., E. A. Galapon
Numerical Investigation of Non-Homologous Collapse of the One-Dimensional Gravitational Gas PDF
Kim Gargar, Jose Perico Esguerra
An Analysis of the Precipitable Water Vapor Observed over the PIMO GPS Station PDF
F. T. Cruz, J. T. Villarin
Observation of the Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in a GaAs/AlGaAs P-I-N Diode by Room Temperature Photocurrent Spectroscopy PDF
C. S. Ison, E. S. Estacio, M. F. Bailon, A. A. Salvador
Micro-Holograms in a Methyl Red-Doped Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (E48:PVP) PDF
N. P. Hermosa II, M. R. H. Daza
Teaching Physics Modeling Using Computer Interfaced Video: The Case of Paper Baskets PDF
C. Mamolo, N. Capistrano, E. van den Berg